Frequently asked questions

When do online sales stop?

If a match kicks off at 3pm, online sales will stop at8.00pmthe day before the match.

If a match kicks off at 7.45pm online sales will stop at midday on the day of the match.

What happens if I have purchased tickets and the match date changes?

The tickets you have will be valid for the rearranged date - you do not need to do anything. The barcode will still be valid, so just bring your ticket with you on the rearranged date.

What happens if I have purchased tickets, the match date changes and I can't make the new date?

Tickets are non refundable, unfortunately.

Can I get a refund if I buy a ticket but I decide not to use it?

Tickets are not refundable, unfortunately

How many emails will I receive after booking?

After making a booking, you will receive a confirmation email. This is not your ticket, it is just a summary of the order you have made and the reference number of that booking. If you have purchased tickets and chosen to have them delivered to you as e-tickets, you will receive a separate email with your tickets attached in a PDF file.

My ticket delivery email is often delayed - what can I do to make it come through faster?

Each email provider will have their own rules around the number and type of emails that they will allow to be delivered. We have noticed significant delays can sometimes occur with Microsoft based accounts - i.e., and 

Adding our delivery email address [email protected] to your contacts will help email servers to see that the email is coming from a known source.

What should I do if I haven't received my e-ticket?

Typically, you should receive your tickets within 30 minutes of booking.

It is not uncommon for emails to get held up in a queue or diverted to a junk folder, so be sure to check those.

If you haven't received anything the day before the match, please contact [email protected] and we will investigate.

I can't open the attachment in the ticket delivery email - what should I do?

etickets are delivered in a PDF file. If you are unable to access a PDF on your device or computer, download Acrobat Reader and you will be able to open the file.

Do I have to print my e-ticket?

You could present your e-ticket on your phone if you don't have access to a printer. The scanner just needs to be able to read the barcode on the ticket. If you have an iPhone, you will soon be able to add your ticket to the 'Wallet' app. This is due to be developed in2017.

How will my personal data be used?

Your data will only be used by Kings Lynn Town FC. It will not be sold on to third parties. If you have opted in to be contacted by us, we will occasionally get in touch with online offers and promotions. You can update your contact preferences in the 'My Account' section when you log in.